Our Philosophy

A well-built environment creates value for all.

Sterling LLC is one of the leading woman owned, small General Contracting, Construction Management companies with over 7 certifications between DC and Maryland. We are committed to deliver every project with the highest standard. We boast to have served the people of DC and Maryland and helped them realize the American dream. Sterling embarked on its journey with humble projects like paving driveways and patios and has never looked back. The company’s founder, Susan Webster, has been the beacon and driving force of the company. She has worked hard to complete every job with the highest quality, no matter how large or small it was.

Sterling LLC is the go to company when a construction company is needed. Our local knowledge and industry experience adds value at every step. It helps us in detailed planning for every project and we are able to meet challenges head on. Sterling has always delivered the highest quality of work at a fair price. With every project Sterling has built a happy and returning Clientele. Sterling is Licensed and bonded. With this message, we continue to grow in serving the infrastructure needs of our region with our fundamental pillars of success:

safety, respect, quality, integrity, pride, and community.

Safety is our No. 1. Priority

Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees.

These are unprecedented times.

We are constantly monitoring the situation around the ongoing pandemic of CORONA (COVID-19). We are taking all the measures social distancing, good personal hygiene practices, regular check-ups etc. We are strictly following applicable national health services regulations and guidelines issued by W.H.O and CDC to limit and contain the spread of the corona virus.

At Sterling safety measures are at the top priority. We have devised safety guidelines for every stage of construction work. Right from the top management to the last employee we all understand and execute our responsibility in encouraging a culture of safety at work environment.

At Sterling it is our fundamental belief that work safety and project success are correlated. To achieve this goal we are:

  • Implementing and monitoring safety programs throughout Sterling to instill a culture of safety excellence.
  • Training and providing the necessary resources so that our workers can execute their jobs safely.
  • Constantly monitoring that our safety policies and procedures adhere to all government safety regulations.

Why Choose Us?

5 Reasons why we’re the Best Construction Company

  • We are quality focused: We achieve highest quality of construction by using the best — the best materials, the best building techniques and the best people.
  • We offer competitive and fair pricing: Quality workmanship at a fair price is the best deal for our clients and that is what we strive to provide.
  • We stand by our workmanship: We at Sterling take pride in every project that we complete and stand by it. In the event of any glitches or if our client needs assistance we are available to solve the issues.
  • We’ve got an excellent reputation: Through our hard work and quality craftsmanship we have earned a very high reputation. 80% of our customers refer and return, as we deliver as advertised and on time.
  • We follow best safety measures: Our staff is trained to follow highest safety standards and equipped with the best tools to achieve success.